Born in the South of Brazil, Maria Goreti lived a happy childhood riding her bicycle around her German town. She grew up helping her father in his movie theater, where she fell in love with movies and dreamed about acting.

At a young age, she moved to Bogota-Colombia, where she lived for 15 years. Deep inside, she always knew she would leave her small town to make her dreams a reality.

When she arrived to Colombia, she worked as an actress and a model. Maria had roles in soap operas, TV shows, commercials, and infomercials introducing new products. Her business enthusiasm brought her to live in Miami, where Goreti continued her work as a spokesperson and as the image of products around the world.

Maria Goreti has always been very passionate about sports, travel, great food, fashion and a healthy lifestyle. She is always pursuing new brands and new products that make her feel special. And now, she is ready to share her findings with you and she hopes you’ll enjoy them as much as she does.